Garage Door Openers

When it comes to garage door openers, there is only one company you can trust. At Garage Door Experts, we provide superior quality door openers for your garage. As experts in this field, we ensure you get the best door opener features at an affordable price.

High-Tech Garage Door Openers for Commercial & Residential Customers

Opener Design

Whether you are looking for a door opener for a standard garage door or heavier, we have all the designs.  Depending on your choice and budget, you will find one that fits your bill. We offer premium door openers with all the latest features.  These incorporate a programmed timer which enables the door to close automatically at a set time. You never have to question whether you closed your garage door.

We have also got door openers with power backups so that you never worry about a power outage.  From chain driven to extra quiet belt-driven lift system, the choice is yours.


We can install for you door openers with the latest safety features.  This includes a remote motion sensor which can detect movement near the door and reverse automatically to prevent accidents.


We understand your garage door can also serve as an indirect entrance to your home or business.  As such, the security features of our premium openers include a rolling code to offer foolproof protection from criminal access to passwords.

Latest Technology

We offer high-tech garage door openers that can also be synchronized with a smartphone application.  This gives you the absolute power in your hands. You can open or close your garage door wherever you are.  This is made possible via a built-in Wi-Fi connection that communicates with the Wi-Fi router in your home. We always keep abreast with the advancement in technology to provide you with up to date garage door openers.


Our door openers last longer, giving you guaranteed value for your money.  Depending on maintenance it can last up to 15 years or more. We also offer replacement services for your garage door opener.

Licensed Technicians

As a professional company with over a decade of experience in the garage door industry, Garage Door Experts has licensed technicians.  Give us your job and rest assured that you have experts serving you. Our technicians wear uniforms and have a long-serving experience to handle any installation or replacement of your garage door opener.

Who are Our Customers?

We serve both commercial and residential customers.  We have enough manpower and resources to install the openers for you within the shortest time possible.  Over the past decade, we have provided excellent services to thousands of clients. We have built a reputation as an industry leader in providing comprehensive garage door installation services.

100% Customer Satisfaction

Our customer care representatives are ready to provide you with 24/7 emergency service and support.  If anything goes wrong with your garage door, you never have to worry as we are on our way to help you.  Our fast response time is something you can count on anytime. Our customer-centered approach is enough to give you complete peace of mind.

Contact us today for expert advice on the best features for your garage door opener, a free quote, or further information on our products and services.

Wall Mounted WiFi Garage Door Opener

  • Space-saving design lifts heavy doors.
  • Minimizes noise and vibration.
  • Works during a power outage.

Belt Driven WiFi Garage Door Opener

  • Durable, dependable performance.
  • Belt-drive system for maintenance-free performance.


Chain Driven WiFi Garage Door Opener

  • Industrial-strength chain drive.
  • Consistent, dependable performance.
  • Includes accessory value pack.

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